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The ultimate resource for picking the right films to see at a film festival

Like you, we love film festivals and the thrill of discovering new talent and memorable films. For us, film festivals are the lifeblood of the art form: pushing boundaries, experimenting with new storytelling methods, exposing us to new ideas and new cultures, and of course introducing fresh talent alongside familiar faces.

But for some of the larger festivals, the choices can seem overwhelming. For example, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival screened over 200 films during the 10 days of the 2016 festival, with many scheduling conflicts and last minute changes. Only the most intrepid time traveller could have made every showing. Often high expectations are dashed and we feel like our time has been wasted.

So how can we make our time spent more rewarding?

The Inspiration for PixnPanz

Pix&Panz is that tool you’ve been waiting for. This web site lets you review and share your comments with a group of fellow festival goers. We have a simple rating system that will seem familiar to anyone who has ever rated something on the Internet before. Get real and relevant insight into a film before adding it to your schedule.

  • Our web solution allows you to:
  • 1.    Choose any film festival in our system
  • 2.    View the listings
  • 3.    Learn more about a film by reading the synopsis and show times
  • 4.    Read reviews by your friends
  • 5.    Follow reviewers that match your tastes
  • 6.    Receive schedule changes via text

Visit sbfilmfestivals.com and see how pixnpanz works